Foundation 4D Project 1 Final

Object and Representation of Self

My grandfather always wore a hat when he leaves the house. He was a man with pride, therefore I assumed the hat was to make him look presentable, and to cover his balding head. The hat covered what seemed to be vulnerable to my grandfather, the way I use the hat to cover my face during this period of grief from losing a person.

I shot these images with the intention of conveying the loneliness of being left behind and the inevitability of death as a living being. 

My face is hidden in the photo as I believe that the inner turmoil of a person cannot be fully expressed on the outside. I want the viewer to experience emotions without being restricted by my facial expression in the image, just like in Magritte’s paintings.

The photo was taken from a distance with a wall in between to isolate and separate the viewer from the subject matter, the way death separates people.

The shadows in this close-up shot adds solemness to the image.

I felt that the perspective successfully conveys the inevitability of death. The depth gives the illusion that the subject matter is approaching and confronts the viewer in a manner which cannot be avoided.


My World

Singapore is not a place I have an attachment to as most of my close relatives are in Japan. Rather than choosing a place that is significant to me, I approached this project by thinking about the difference between Singapore and Japan. One of the greatest difference is that Singapore advanced as a country so rapidly and drastically to the point that the people aren’t keeping up with the pace, in my opinion. It seems to me that Singapore is trying too hard to be something she isn’t, neglecting the culture and the essence of the people of her origins. I find this a pity because Singapore has a rich culture worth being proud of instead of promoting a forcibly built reputation like being a “clean and green” city. I wished Singapore embraced her somewhat true self instead of putting up a fake front. Thus in this photography project I captured the raw and unglamorous side of Singapore.


I like the contrast of light between the dark alley way and the bright signboard lights. It is a sight not often seen in modern malls.

Laundry is a mundane routine in life yet there is intimacy in it as there are clothes and underwear a person wears. I captured these shots of hung laundry as I liked that the laundry is exposed to strangers outside despite it being quite a private possession.

I meant for this image to be an invasion of privacy therefore it was shot from a bottom up perspective.

This image captures the wear and tear of the building, as well as the fallen pieces of laundries which are just left there. I feel that it conveys the intention of showing the unglamorous side.



Foundation 4D Project 1: Process and Research

Process and Research – Curating Self

Object and Representation of Self

I chose a hat which symbolises my grandfather’s presence as he always wore a hat which was of a similar shape to mine. I had a close relationship with him and his recent passing has emphasised the gravity of death and losing a loved one.

For this series of images, I was inspired by Magritte’s painting. I have always loved Magritte’s surrealism. The setting is often ambiguous which makes it seem other-worldly. I wanted that ambiguity in my images as they are about death, and no human being knows what death looks like until the day they die. In a sense, having a setting that is surreal and does not coincide with reality could bring out the effect of depicting the afterlife. I also like the way Magritte paints an object to cover the face of the person in the painting. With an undisclosed face, the viewer is given the freedom to imagine the facial expression and emotional state of the subject matter.

I cropped off the windows of the apartment at the back to remove anything that is recognisable in our world and create an ambiguous background.


For this image, I tried shooting from a top down perspective which was not as effective in being confrontational as I intended the photo to be.

I experimented with different placement of the object but felt that the first image best conveys the feeling of being left behind due to its flatness which amplifies the absence of a being.

My world

I went to beauty world for this series as I liked the old buildings which have character and an evident sense of people living in them with their exposed laundry and potted plants.

Nobuyoshi Araki’s photography works inspired me to capture images that are unglamorous, and revealing. His subject matter often consists of nude women, and I admire how Araki breaks the taboo with his photos.


After shooting from different distances and viewpoints, i felt having that having depth in the photos creates a distant effect, which contradicts my intention of exposing and revealing of one’s true self. That is why my final images consist mostly of flat close up images.


3D: Object sketch Analysis

Form Analysis: Face Soap Bottle

The item which form I found interesting is this face soap bottle. I personally like its form which consists mainly of curves and circles only. It makes the bottle appealing to be held in the hand.

D: Dominant, SD: Sub-dominant, SO: Sub-ordinate

Blue line: Principle axis

The red colour of the bottle is balanced with the text, such that the red is not over-done. The  cap contrasts the red bottle in colour and size as well.

From the top view, the relationship of the cap and the bottle changes. The cap becomes the dominant item and the bottle is the sub-ordinate item.

The height of the bottle cap is approximately 1/6 of the entire height of the bottle, which abides by the rule of thirds, making an item have aesthetic proportion as well.

Similar to the face soap bottle, the shirt’s design is aesthetically pleasing to me due to the harmony of the different components in the design. The dominant colour, white, is balanced with the logo which consists of the blue sub-dominant area and the sub-ordinate red colour. The area of each colour is just right in proportion and interact with each other well.

Class Activity on Perspectives

Class Activity: 1,2,3 point perspective

1 point perspective

Guides your attention and eye towards the vanishing point. The focus is at the end of the vanishing point.

2 point perspective
2 point perspective

The focus seems to be in the middle at the intersection of the lines of the 2 vanishing points.

3 point perspective

Bird’s eye view. Depth is controlled and an illusion is created, where a flat image seems to be 3-dimensional.

Perspective and depth can be created by manipulating foreground, mid-ground and background, ie by overlapping characters in a scene.

In contrast to a flat image where there is no perspective, the image seems fake and dull.