Mark Making Process

Week 2 and 3 Mark Making:


I started mark making using a rattan rope. It creates sharp and harsh lines.

My second tool was a square sponge. I explored the fading effect of Chinese ink, by dipping the sponge in ink only once, in a clinical and systematic manner.

Rolling sponge to create soft yet dark marks.


I used rolled lettuce in block printing ink. Though I like the organic lines created, the mark created still resembles a lettuce which i don’t think can be used for the final.

I poured a chunk of block print ink on the paper and dragged a string over the ink to create this burst of ink. The result is quite expressive and can be used for positive emotions such as passion.


My favourite mark making was using a roller to roll a piece of tangled string. It created crisp thin lines which looked like marbling.

Lastly, I used watercolour and layered black paint a few times after drying each layer. I relied on the water to makes jagged edges after it dries.