Forrest Gump – Final

Project 2 Final 

“There’s always going to be a part of me that’s sloppy and dirty, but I like that, with all the other parts of myself.” – Silver Linings Playbook

The eye, nose and head is a physical representation of “other parts of myself.” Sloppiness is portrayed by the hand of the sloth, and dirtiness is expressed using the big acrylic brushstroke which mimics a stain. Since the quote is about learning to love and be proud of our flaws, an eye and the mouth is removed from the face to depict incompleteness of self and the random line scribble of the head is part of being imperfect. This piece creates an aesthetically pleasing composition using components which express flaws, which I feel reflects the quote on being only human.

Principles of Design

Texture: Implied texture exists on the large black brushstrokes and the smaller marks around it.

Contrast: The extremely thin white line contrasts the huge black brushstroke to create a dynamic composition. The simple abstract shapes from brushstrokes and lines in the composition also contrasts with the realistic eyes and nose.

Balance: The distribution of visual weight in this composition creates asymmetric balance and makes it visually pleasing and interesting.




“Sometimes I would buy ‘Vogue’ instead of dinner. I felt it fed me more.” – Sex and the City

This composition is about prioritising interest in fashion over necessities like meals. The 2 illustrations of models are facing different directions to compliment each other and create dynamism, while being much larger in size as compared to the bottles have emphasis. The intersection of the 4 components is placed according to the rule of thirds to create a visually pleasing composition.

Principles of Design

Perspective: The bottles are warped and slanted to create perspective, and is inspired by long fashion runways.

Rhythm: There is a sense of rhythm from the women facing in different directions and placed at different heights.



“Laws don’t apply to pigs.” – Porco Rosso

This work combines various representations of “law”. The cone represents traffic laws, symbols in the background represent mathematical and scientific laws and the scribbles depict the process of creating these laws. The woman floats to defy the law of gravity, reflecting my interpretation of the quote where the law can only control those who choose to be controlled by it. The horizontal lines at the bottom implies a ground to create the effect of the woman floating.

Principles of Design

Variety: There are varying textures, tones, and size of the scribbles in the background.

Contrast: The horizontal lines which suggest height contrasts the horizontal lines at the bottom which suggest a ground.




“Do dreams and effort make a flower bloom?” – Himizu

This quote is about wishing to be ordinary, and seeing no point in having aspirations and working hard towards the goal. The women are climbing ladder which represent climbing up the social status, only to find that the ladders lead to nothingness and the patch on top, which encapsulates hopes and dreams, is unreachable.

Principles of Design

Unity & Variety: The women and ladder are the same design but in different sizes. Using the same woman and replicating her expresses being ordinary, and the same as everyone, while making them in different sizes makes an interesting composition which does not become too repetitive.

Emphasis: Emphasis is placed on the women climbing ladder by adding the watercolour background patch, and by varying the sizes.

Movement: The water colour patch also implies movement to direct the viewer’s eyes in the composition.

Rhythm: Rhythm is created from the lines of the ladder and placing the women at various height.


Silk Screen Outcome

On Newsprint


On Newsprint


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