Soft Goods Designs

Ideation Sketches and Inspirations

I decided upon small bags used for short trips out of the house for convenience, where only essentials like phones and money is needed.

Hair dresser waist pouch

The following design was inspired by the waist pouch carried by hairdressers to store their hairdressing tools.


Lunch bag

THis design was inspired by the simplicity and form of lunch bags.


This bag focuses on form and shape.


Sketch for final design

Sketch for final

The final design is an improvement on the design inspired by hairdressers’ tools pouch, due to its simple yet functional design. It is modified to better suit the context of a small carrier for quick trips. The slots used for tools like scissors are removed and replaced with 2 pockets to fit the bare essentials. Instead of having an open pocket, zips attached as well to ensure security of the items inside.


Planning sketch
Sections to form a pouch pocket
Hemming Trial

Some trials for hemming the edges for a clean finish.

Attaching Zips
Process of hand sewing the zips and sections together, before attaching to back panel of the bag

I quickly decided on canvas material for the bag due to its versatility and simple colour.


The strap is attached in this manner to fit the body better when it is crossed over
The left pouch pocket is trapezoid in shape to add some dynamism into the simple design


The overall design is simple and monotonous in colour as it is meant for convenience and short trips out of the house, and can fit a wide range outfits.

Mobile Phone Dock/ Speaker

Research on current speakers

After looking through some existing speakers, I realised most of them are metallic with a techno effect to them. I decided to work with more organic shapes and materials for my phone dock. For inspiration, I turned to abstract sculptures to help with the form of my speakers.


Ideation Sketches

I experimented with curves and straight edges in my ideation sketches.

Final Foam Model








My final foam model l has simple edges for a minimal and versatile design that can suit most settings.

Able to charge 2 phones of different sizes at once


Material Application

I wanted to use organic materials for the speakers as I like the soothing effect it has when blended with other furnitures in a room as compared to man-made materials, thus I chose wood.