Task 3 & 4 Final


Task 3 – Deliverable 1 Illustration Book

The first deliverable is an illustration book about a caterpillar with red spots that faced discrimination but decided to embrace himself and his red spots. I decided that the characters be caterpillars and snakes as I felt that that the nature of them shedding their skin and metamorphosing was an interesting parallel to human skin. The caterpillar disregarding discrimination and using it as his drive to metamorphose into a butterfly is a metaphor for people with skin condition to not falter when there is discrimination, but instead use it as a drive to love and embrace themselves.

Task 4 – Deliverable 2  Pamphlet

The second deliverable is an informative pamphlet for parents/ guardians of children with or without skin conditions. It educates adults on skin conditions and tackles the misconceptions, as well as teach them how to prevent their children from discriminating people with skin conditions. For parents of children with skin conditions, this pamphlet tells them on how to manage with social issues and health issues that their children may face. The illustrations are kept simple as it is aimed for adults.

Task 3 & 4 Process

Process (Deliverable 1 – Illustration Book)

The first deliverable I have decided upon is an illustration book. Books serve as a great way to educate children on morals and values to have as people.  Thus, the book that I will illustrate will teach children on discrimination and dealing with skin conditions.


Draft 1 of the Illustration Book


After consulting on the first draft, advice was given to give the images backgrounds and to incorporate of elements of designs to make the pages visually interesting and engaging.

Below are some additional drawings for the backgrounds of the book and some elements for visual interest.



Draft 2


This draft had a better sense of visual rhythm and leads the reader’s eye through the pages better. For improvement of this draft, I was advised to emphasise on certain important words in the text through size and colour.

Process for Second Deliverable – Pamphlet

The second deliverable is a pamphlet that comes with the illustration book. The pamphlet is aimed for adults – parents or guardians of the children, to educate the adults on skin conditions as well as to teach them how to manage the way their children interact with  other children with skin conditions. The pamphlet also informs parents of children with skin condition on how to cope with social issues they may face.

Draft 1

The first draft is a rough layout of how the information will be placed and what information is to be placed.

These are some illustrations I did for the pamphlet. They were kept simple to make space for the information.

Draft 2

The second draft incorporated the illustrations. I was told that the illustrations don’t seem to match the information, so from here on I made the illustration more intentional and have it compliment the information, as well as place the layout in a more visually rhythmic manner.