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  1. Sumo Wrestler

The Sumo-s form my initials ‘NTK’. The alphabets are formed using poses that sumo wrestlers usually are in during their tournament. My design does not consist of colours and is simple to avoid any distractions from the form of the body.

2. Children’s Book Illustrator

The characters are illustrated using traditional mediums – oil pastels, water colour, colour pencils and ink. This was to bring out the spontaneity, playfulness and raw quality that children’s books have. I picked oil pastels to portray N and M as it is my favourite medium to work with.

3. Art Curator

I picture a gallery that I curate to feature subtle and simple works that focus on form, thus I created artworks to portray alphabets while keeping that thought in mind. I like mixing digital and traditional mediums in my works, thus this gallery features both mediums. As a curator, I can exhibit works that other artists have created and my own works, and decided to mix both in this design. The ‘I’ is a portray of Donald Judd’s sculpture, while the rest are works I created. 

4. Hat Designer

A hat designer would begin the process of designing a hat by illustrating his/her ideas first, thus I chose to portray this job by illustrating a hat design using the alphabets of my name. The alphabets  are  coloured to bring the focus to the hat, and are in different colours to make it easier to distinguish between them.

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