Project 2 – Mindmap & Moodboard

Hello there!

For project 1, I picked butterfly to be my animal and I will continue using butterfly for project 2 too.


Below is a mind map of things, traits and thoughts that linked to butterfly. There are 4 major topics: Patterns, Feminine, Growth and Butterfly effect. The ones that are circle in pink are topics or themes that I am interested to work on.

Mindmap of a Butterfly (images taken from


The 5 keywords that describe my project are: Elegant, Vibrant, Illustrative, Simpe & Subtle. So overall, what I had in mind was the concept of females such as feminism, women empowerment or breast cancer. Hence I created 3 similar yet different moodboard, as I was unsure if I am able to change it in the later part of this project.

Moodboard 1

Above is my most favourite moodboard among all 3. It has the power vibe into it yet it is not striking because the pink and nude colours that help the red to tone down.

Moodboard 2
Moodboard 3

Moodboard 3 has this subtle, soft look to it yet edgy (maybe because most images are product or architecture). But if I were to pick now, most likely I will pick Moodboard 1.

Mind Your Gap (Azizah & Celine) – Project Development Body Storming


Take 1 starts from 0:03

Take 2 starts from 1:00

  • What did you learn from the process?

Due to the instructions being unclear on our part, the tester was unable to gauge how the car would be affected by them wearing the glove. There was no connection as we did not react fast enough in creating the right environment, but even then, the only result would be the car moving forward. It creates a lacklustre experience for the user, and they are mostly unclear of their purpose in this installation. There is no emotions evoked from this experience and there is nothing much to be taken away from it.


  • What surprised you while going through the process?

Firstly the comment given by the tester about using the gloves to control something, makes the tester  feel like a god which allows her to control the movement of the object just by moving her hand.

Secondly, not many people know the concept of tailgating, especially if this is an installation that is supposed to be meant for all ages to participate in, younger participants will not be able to understand the concept behind it.

Thirdly, when participants interact with the game, they might not find it engaging and immersive. This is due to the limitation of the interaction, which only requires the participant’s hand to move forward. In interactive media, one needs to be able to engage with the object/game/installation, making it fun or having a concept that is deep enough to be in engraved in people’s minds.


  • How can you apply what you have discovered to the designing of your installation?

Upon reflection, we have decided to think of a new concept that would be more clearer (in terms of instruction) and engaging from the participant point of view. We will also put in mind the intention of the interaction when developing our concept so that participants are able to understand the message that we want to convey.

Mind Your Gap – Ideation

Synonyms of Interstice are space, gap, interval etc. From my understanding, Interstice means an insignificant gap between two objects. Hence I relate it to the gaps between two cars. 


As a newbie driver, I often experience driver tailgating me or stopping their car closely to mine. And as a newbie driver, I tend to stick to the rules that was thought which is to keep a safe distance when driving or stopping.

Title: Mind your gap

Hence I wanted to put this experience of mine into a game. Where player will wear a glove which controls the movement/speed of the car. There will only be one player at a time. The scenario of this game will be at a traffic light junction, the red light is on, and there are vehicles stopping at the stop line.  

Ideation sketch

Player objective is to stop within a safe distance with the vehicle in front of it. They will wear a glove which has sensor that connect to the player’s car. This is to allow them to control the speed of the car. Players will get to choose their lanes and after one player have finish their turn, the next player gets to play. 

To measure the safe distance, there will be beeping sound. The nearer the player’s car is to the vehicle, the beeping sound will be louder and faster. So there will be sensor under the ‘road’ to track the how close is the player’s car to the vehicle in front of it. 


My initial idea was something to do with blinking, because blinking is consider an insignificant gap for our eyes to rest. Blinking is an involuntary action which I’m interested about. However blinking can also be considered as voluntary action, when we decide to control it. Hence, here is a rough sketch of my initial idea that I’m going to discard it away :(