Going out to find Inspirations

Last few Saturday, I can’t remember when, I went out to do some observations  for my other project. At the same time, I went to look for references and inspirations for this project called, My line is EMO.

Firstly, I went to the library cause it is one of my favourite place to find for inspirations. And this is what I’ve found:

I like how the artist uses lines, spaces, negative spaces and its doodle
The way the artist uses strokes to create the effect. However for this project, we are not require to do colour. Hence, it will be difficult to achieve something like this in black & white

Next place is Changi Airport, as it was my main objective to go out and do my other project.

While I was walking towards the MRT station, I saw a poster that had a nice and neat texture. So I told myself, “Hey, why not I do something similar to this.”

Poster I saw while I was walking

When I reached Changi Airport, I remember Mimi (my 2D lecturer) said that Changi has this colouring thingy for children. So I went there and try it out.

My outcome

Colouring it was easy but to be able to see the details, I had to put more pressure on it while colouring.

Hence, I had fun and get new inspirations when I’m out. Although it was a long and tiring day, as I had to travel from west to east, it was productive as I managed to kill two birds with 1 stone.