Assigned Exercise #9 & Sketches

Reference for ideation 2 (Image taken from Pinterest)

When I was sketching for ideas, the keyword that I had in mind was playfulness. Hence I wanted my invitation card to be interactive, where people are able to interact with it by pulling, twisting, etc.

From the sketches above, I have shortlisted a few ideation that I would want to work on. The shortlisted ideation is 1, 2 and 3. Reference image for ideation 2 is on the left.

The material that I’m planning to use is holographic paper, transparency and matte paper (above 100gsm).

Project 2 – Sketches


Keywords: Fun, Vibrant, Patterns, Illustrative, Playful

References – Inspired by Memphis & Yayoi Kusama

Audience: Everyone of all ages

Call to action: Invite audience to come to this exhibition

Visual Spectrum: Fun, Casual & Vibrant

Project 2 – Mindmap & Moodboard

Hello there!

For project 1, I picked butterfly to be my animal and I will continue using butterfly for project 2 too.


Below is a mind map of things, traits and thoughts that linked to butterfly. There are 4 major topics: Patterns, Feminine, Growth and Butterfly effect. The ones that are circle in pink are topics or themes that I am interested to work on.

Mindmap of a Butterfly (images taken from


The 5 keywords that describe my project are: Elegant, Vibrant, Illustrative, Simpe & Subtle. So overall, what I had in mind was the concept of females such as feminism, women empowerment or breast cancer. Hence I created 3 similar yet different moodboard, as I was unsure if I am able to change it in the later part of this project.

Moodboard 1

Above is my most favourite moodboard among all 3. It has the power vibe into it yet it is not striking because the pink and nude colours that help the red to tone down.

Moodboard 2
Moodboard 3

Moodboard 3 has this subtle, soft look to it yet edgy (maybe because most images are product or architecture). But if I were to pick now, most likely I will pick Moodboard 1.