Creative Industry Report: Wade and Leta

“Basically, we’re just total goofs who want to have a good time while we’re making our work.” – Quoted from Leta

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Wade and Leta is a design duo that has a creative studio based in Brooklyn. They are a couple who share a taste for quirky aesthetics and crisp design. They work together or independently based on projects, and they believe that work and play are forever intertwined. Their works and services ranging from branding to graphic design, art direction, photography and more. At the end of the day, their goal is to make things with great people for everyone.

Why I admire Wade and Leta?

Wade and Leta created their own principles that could define their works and distinct themselves to their competitors. Their principles are reflected in every projects. There are 2 principles that they work with:

  1. Purposeful Eclecticism
  2. Design as Performance
Purposeful Eclecticism

Wade and Leta make every projects become approachable and fun. They refrain themselves from using and creating black and white images because quoted from them, “The world isn’t much fun without colours”. To create purposeful eclecticism, they push the brief by reframing, recontextualize and repurpose it.

Design as Performance

Wade and Leta involve themselves in every aspect of the work, from sketching to ideation and executing the final outcome. Quoted from them, “We want to have our hands in the design process from start till the end, which add personal connection to our work.” They also often use the concept of reverse destiny, inspired by The Reversible Destiny by Madeline Gins and Shusaku Arakawa, where they grow younger as they age. Wade and Leta see their work as something that excite them, allowing them to keep them moving instead of seating behind the computer. Hence, Design as Performance was meant for them to keep themselves moving, be active and involved in every stage of the project.

Reversible Destiny Lofts MITAKA, exterior

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