Group 4 | Ideation Part 2

Over the recess week, our group went to research more in depth about introverts and extroverts.

Here are some of our thoughts:

Azizah: Introverts are not anti-social, they just preferred to be alone or in a small group. Meanwhile for extroverts, they get recharge by socializing and having friends with them. However, introverts still need friends at some point of time. And extroverts need some time for them to think and reflect upon themselves. Hence, it is not about having a space for introverts and extroverts separately. It is about having the time alone and a time to socialise.

Elizabeth: I found out that introverts do enjoy spending time with people and they still want communication. Instead of having separate areas labelled for introverts and extroverts, it seems helpful to just label them as spending time alone or with people. The lighting system would help introverts keep their groups small and meaningful still. Based on the research conducted, I realized that people sometimes dont want to have social interaction but just a time to get their food and leave. Having areas for solo dining would contribute towards that.

Tobi: Usually, people are neither 100% introverted nor 100% extroverted. Moreover, they can be allocated a place on the normal distribution (bell curve) that runs from total introversion on one side to total extroversion on the other side. On this scale, most of the people can be found in the middle, making them “ambiverts” (=average). Every character is different, self-reflection is important in order to find happiness: Try to find out more about yourself, the locations you thrive in and the people that “nourish” you. Then, adjust your life to those insights. Everybody is different. For everyone, there are specific places and environments that make them thrive. And for everyone, there are people that have an either toxic or nourishing effect on them.

We started our presentation with our motivation, which was quoted by some of our interviews and surveys.

Some of our classmates liked the The First Supper idea, where we are able to combine tables to create whatever shape we want. However, our proposed idea of having a space for people to socialise our meal and having a private cubicle, needs to have more in-depth thinking to it. Some of the suggested idea are having an introvert week, a tag on the shirt that says “I don’t feel like socialising.” Hence, our group decided to revamp our point of view on the next post!

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