Group 4 | Interviews, Insights and Point-of-View

For our second interview, our objectives was to interview people about their memorable experiences with food.

Here are some of our guiding questions:

  • Tell me about your relationship with food.
  • What do you enjoy about eating?
  • Why do these experiences make you happy?
  • What was your most memorable eating experience.
  • Tell me more about a memorable eating experience in NTU.
  • What is your essential thing/need for you to enjoy eating?
  • Why does this make you enjoy eating?
  • Does NTU provide you with your essence thing/need?
  • If “yes”, tell me more about it.
  • If “no”, Have you try to overcome it?/ Do you have any suggestion for NTU to improve it?
  • Will you tell/ encourage other about  your essence thing/need?
  • How may we create an enjoyable environment for you to have food at NTU?

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