Image Making Through Type: Chocolatier

New semester, new project! 

Visual reference of a chocolatier

When I received the brief, the first occupation that came to my mind was CHOCOLATIER, as I really love chocolates. So I went to research more on it and being chocolatier is tougher than I thought. As it requires a lot of skills on on making the small details, making it look appetizing and delicious. There are also different technique in making chocolates such as tempering, moulding and sculpting.

Some examples of Illustration style

The Illustration style that I’m going towards is isometric vector, as this is one of the styles that I really wanted to explore on.

Process 1

Firstly, I had an idea of using my name to make a chocolate bar to represent chocolatier. So I experimented on the isometric alphabets and it look kind of success for my first to alphabets, A & Z.

Process 2

Secondly, I illustrated the chocolate bar and add in the alphabet:A, Z, I and E which is my nickname. Then I added a blue packaging and a bite at the corner of the chocolate. During this process, the challenging part was doing the perspective and making sure that all lines are parallel. Hence, to overcome that, I created my own guide line the alphabet, as shown in the letter E.

Difficulty faced in Process 2
Process 3

However, I was not satisfied with the outcome form process 2, so I continued to brainstorm by going back to my research. Then I thought of doing one of the technique in making chocolate which is moulding (image above). And I changed my name from A-Z-I-E to A-Z-I-Z-A-H, as moulding templates are norming long and rectangular. After I did this, I asked myself would my viewer understand if I were to put this image to represent chocolatier. And my reply was no.

So I put myself in my viewers’ shoe to understand how my visual are seen to their eyes. And that is when I decided to come out with something simple and straightforward.

I looked back at my previous processes as I thought there were some potential to develop it. So I took the chocolate bar idea and make it a box of chocolate! That’s when I thought of my concept for the chocolate box; appealing, appetizing and high class. I took reference from Awfully Chocolate as their chocolates look very chocolaty and appetizing. And I also took reference from Godiva Chocolatier as they have decorative chocolates and gold packaging.


Process 4.1: Decorative alphabets

Above are some of decorative alphabets I was inspired from Godiva’s chocolate. Then I input it inside a box (image below).

Process 4.2: Chocolates inside the box
Process 4.3: Exploring packaging design

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