Image Making Through Type: Cleaner

My initial occupation was Window Cleaner. However, I find that window cleaner is a bit too limited as there are not much things related to it and it is difficult to explore and execute.

Visual research on window cleaner
Sketches on Window Cleaner

Hence I decided to change to cleaner, which has wider range of equipments used and different types of cleaner. Example: washing the toilet, mopping, vacuuming and many more.

Visual research on Cleaner
Typography Style

From the visual research and typography style I gathered, I wanted to try gestalt and distorting the fonts into liquid form.

Fonts that I intend to use, something bold and rounded
Process 1; creating my own bubbly & rounded font
Process 1.1
Process 1.2; trying out gestalt but then the last letter is suppose to be E
Process 1.3; trying to make the gestalt seen

From the process above, it is suppose to be a cleaner cleaning the tiles creating gestalt to form my name; A-Z-I-E. However, it looks a bit difficult for the audience to see the alphabets of the name and its occupation as it may look like a housewife too.

Hence, I looked back at my visual reference to think of a new concept. And it strikes me to create my name using the equipments for cleaning. Similarly to the in-class assignment we did, where we had to find object that can be seen as an alphabets.

In-class assignment
Sketches of using cleaning equipment to create my name
Process 2

The image above shows a typical scene we see in shopping mall where that is a wet floor and the cleaner will try to clean it. So from left to right, the caution sign represent an A, the cleaner trolley represent a Z, mop represent I and the wet floor is E. I kind of like the concept of the wet floor with the caution sign and I was not quite sure if viewer will be able to see the letter Z and the whole word.

Sketches of the font
Process 2.1
Process 2.2; Try doing spot illustration
Process 2.3; added water droplets
Process 2.4

The reason why I took out the caution sign in process 2.4, was because the viewer might see my name is Z-I-E instead of A-Z-I-E. However, I didn’t really like the outcome of process 2.4 because of the lack of colours and the lack of evidence that it is a cleaner.

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