Topic: Tooth Decay

 Tooth decay is a common oral health issue among children who are 6 to 12 years old. Quoted from an online report in 2014,‘One in two Singapore kids has rotten teeth’. A dental officer, Dr Matthew Lau, said: “We are seeing more children with decayed and filled teeth.” Bad oral health can get worse as children grow.

Deliverable 2: Dental Care Kit

Objective: To encourage target audience to regularly take care of their oral health.

Final Outcome
Bookmark in the packaging. Students can tear it off from the packaging.
Colour scheme for Dental Care Kit
First draft of Dental Care Kit

The feedback given for image above is that it does not look coherent with deliverable 1 visual, which is comic pop art. Hence I had to revise the whole visual of the kit to make deliverable 1 and 2 look coherent.

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