Micro Project 6 – Group 234

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Group member: Jingyi, Amanda, Felicia and Azizah

Compilation of our A Day in the Life of Super-Participation, 24 hour edition:

We did this project on 7 March, Wednesday during recess week and our initial plan was to post every 1hour.

Most of the things we shared are related to school such as doing work, having presentation and lunch in school. Overall, we concluded that this project reflects us as tired art students and there are works to be done during recess week.

  • Do we try to create a persona or image of ourselves through the things that we share via social media?

Yes, as mention above, it shows us as tired art student. And as discussed in class, we are able to capture the character or trait of a person. Here are what we think of each other:

Azizah – someone who does not do last minute work.

Jingyi – A social person who has a balance of social, study and sport.

Felica – Secretive and mysterious as she doesn’t post her selfie.

Amanda – Hardworking, tired student who always try to be on time.

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