Mobile phone dock with speakers: Part 2

Hello! In my previous post, I mention about my findings about existing mobile phone dock with speaker. And here are some of my detailed ideation sketches.

ideation sketches

And from my drawing process above, I realised that I drawing the detailed parts is easier to draw on orthographic view than perspective view. Hence throughout my sketches, I drew the detailed parts on orthographic view.

In my previous post, I also mention about the process of creating the form and the difficult part was making the form stand on a certain angle. Hence, I tried doing it again.

Shape of the speaker from front view
Guideline of the side of the speaker
Started to shave it bit by bit
Sand it to make it smooth, however it is still not at the angle that I wanted
So I kept sanding the tip bit by bit to create the angle

Guidelines to help me not to over sand it

So I had two design that I wanted (image below). And I decided to go for design 1 as it is easier for user to interact with the buttons (the circles). Another reason why I did not choose design 2 is because, if i were make a concave at the outline of the speaker, the tip of the speaker might broke easily as it is thin.

Design 1
Design 2

With colour 

After a few failures at creating the form and let it stand at a certain angle, I manage to create it as close as what i visualise in my mind!

Take-away from this assignment:
  1. Once I have the orthographic view correct, it is much easier to fill in the details.
  2. A faster way to sand the foam, but I need more hand-on practice.
  3. There is no shortcut to create the outcome, as I had to keep on trying and trying to get what I visualise for.

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