Foundation 3D – First Class Assignment

Motor Glass Figurine

This was the item that I brought to class. The reason why I brought it because it does not uses straight lines or any form of square or rectangular shape. It uses a lot of circular shape, concave and convect.

However, after the lesson ends, I decided to change my item because it is difficult to sketch out the 2D analysis and also to locate which is dominant, sub-dominant and sub-ordinate.


Hence, I decided to change my item to a hairspray. This hairspray essential colours are red, grey, white and a little of blue. Red takes out the most attention as compared to the other colours, as it covered by a transparent surface.

2D Sketch Analysis

In the image above, I have listed out the dominant, sub-dominant and sub-ordinate parts.

The whole transparent tube is dominant as it has the largest component in the hairspray. The sub-dominant are the top of the hairspray as hairsprays need to have the pump to let the liquid flow out. Lastly the sub-ordinate part is the graphics on the hairspray, as it is to capture more attention to the target audience  and add information about the item.

Overall, the white top takes about 10%, the grey part takes about 25% and the rest of it takes about 65%.

The underline words are keywords that I’ve learnt on my first 3D lesson.

Class Assignment – Perspective

One-point perspective
two-point perspective
three-point perspective
  1. The focal point moves as the perspective changes. From one-point perspective to three-point perspective, there is a difference in the the focal point object and its depth of the object.
  2. It maximizes the information acquired in the picture.