PLANAR Construction

After experimenting the different types of strip, I thought of making into a rollercoaster as rollercoaster has different types of loops, twisted and up and down. And I recalled going to one of China’s theme park where the rollercoaster has 10 loops. After riding this, I was not afraid of roller coaster any more.

The rollercoaster with 10 loops

Here are other rides that I took while I was in the theme park, which can be my inspiration:


Feedback for Planar 1

  • Remove the broken panel to create different sizes of void
  • Make the longest strip flow naturally
  • Suggestion: Make one part of it busy/cluster together 

With the feedback given in class, I refined it. Making one part of it busy and let the longest strip flow naturally.

Feedback for Planar 2

  • The broken can be removed to crate more voids
  • Make the SO look like an obvious 2D twisted panel
  • Suggestion: Make one part of it busy/cluster together


After refining Panel 2, I wasn’t sure about making the SO twisted 3 times. It feels like it is taking attention from the 3D broken panel, which is the SD.

Behind-the-scene images:

My cat helping me to check D, SD, SO
Still checking
Making sure I get a correct angle while taking an image of my planar

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