Research Critique 2: Third Space, Third Person

  • What is the third space to you?

My understanding of a third space is that we are in different places physically and we become one virtually, example through the Facebook live.

'transformative social space into the online medium' (Randall Parker, 2017) 
  • How do we collapse boundaries in the third space?
'telematic work, which aimed to bring together artists that were separated by physical and geographical boundaries.' (Maria Chatzichristodoulo’s Cyberformance)

As mention above, one of the ways to collapse the boundaries in a third space is using telematics. For our micro project, Minjee and I were at the same geographical boundaries but we were at different places, separated by the physical boundaries. And through telematics work which is the Facebook Live, we were able to collapse the physical boundary and become one.

Minjee & I becoming one in a third space
  • How do we create closeness and intimacy in the third space despite being in different locations?
Projection of half of our faces using the split screen

Firstly, it is through the life size projection of our faces. By using the split screen, we created a third person by projecting half of our faces, like we chatting with the viewer face to face.


Copying each other hand gestures

Secondly, is copying each other movements as it was our first time doing a project together. Hence by copying each other, we break down the awkwardness between us. This also creates a certain level of comfortableness between us.


  • How did you virtually touch, hold objects, create a “third” body using different gestures despite being in different locations?
Our drawings

We created a third person by combing both of us, with the use of split screen. One of the things that we did was drawings. It is like a 2 separate drawings that become 1. From the viewers point of view, they will see that all the things are done by one person.

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