Task 2: My world

Me and my sisters

Significant means important to be worthy of attention. A place that is significant to me would be my house. But to be specific, it will be my bedroom. My bedroom is shared with another 2 younger sisters. In that room is where we chat, laugh, quarrel and cry together. There are many memories build in that room over the pass few years. Example, crying together as one of us failed our major exam and laughing out loud about each other mistakes and many more.

Task 1: Process

Here are some of the pictures taken by my younger sister, who does not have any photography background. Images are taken at Jurong East Library. All the images are raw, not edited.



  1. My photographer – because she does not have any photography background hence, some image are imbalance or unproportional. To overcome this, I had to do a lot of research and find more references so that she would understand how I want the image to look like. During the shoot, I also did take some shoots to show her how the images should turn out like.
  2. The different lighting in the library – There were 2 types of lighting in the library, one is yellowish and the other is white. Hence, me and my photographer had to explore the library first before finding a spot to shot.

Task 1: Image Reference

I know my level of expertise in taking an image: average and below. Hence, before I start taking pictures, I will do some research and image references to understand how a good picture should look like. With the image references, I can also adopt the style of it.

When I thought of taking picture with my book, the few places that I thought of was library, my bedroom and when I am travelling. Hence, I went on to research on the types of photograph that can be taken at those places.


In this image, it shows a mid shot of the lady find books in the library. Her expression shows that she is focus on finding the books that she wants. There’s a depth in the image to focus on the lady and the foreground of the bookshelf. The colour and tonal are dull, brownish with less lighting to show that the library is old and vintage.

This image dipects a wonderland of books. The colourful cover books contrasting with each other and pages makes it look like its flipping by the wind. Another thing that gives the feeling of a wonderland is the hard cover books. Normally the hard cover books are used in movie like Harry Potter. The way the character is placed in the middle of the image looks like she is being absorbed in the world of books.

In this image, the photographer uses rule of third and place the subject on it. The light rays coming in from the window, give a direction to focus on the subject.






In this image, it shows the mood of the setting – comfortable and relaxing. The way the lady position herself on the bed will reading, shows that she is into reading and is conformable in her position. There is depth in this image, as the background is dark and blurry which allow the foreground and the subject to be the focal point.



What I like about this image is how the lighting is used to focus on the object, which the the girl and her book.





I like the compositing of this image, and how the lighting shines of the person reading. However, I feel like it is lacking of feeling, as the person face is off the image from. It would be better if the image were to have her face to show how she feels while reading or how she interact with the book.

This image uses rule of third to place the subject with is the person. With the use light coming from the window, it shows a silhouette of a lady reading. Just with a small gesture of her fingers, I am able to guess that she is engross in reading the book.



In conclusion, I would like my image to be taking in the library. As I want my image to look calm, peaceful and relaxing. And the way I should interact with the book is that I am engross and focus in reading the book.

Foundation 3D – First Class Assignment

Motor Glass Figurine

This was the item that I brought to class. The reason why I brought it because it does not uses straight lines or any form of square or rectangular shape. It uses a lot of circular shape, concave and convect.

However, after the lesson ends, I decided to change my item because it is difficult to sketch out the 2D analysis and also to locate which is dominant, sub-dominant and sub-ordinate.


Hence, I decided to change my item to a hairspray. This hairspray essential colours are red, grey, white and a little of blue. Red takes out the most attention as compared to the other colours, as it covered by a transparent surface.

2D Sketch Analysis

In the image above, I have listed out the dominant, sub-dominant and sub-ordinate parts.

The whole transparent tube is dominant as it has the largest component in the hairspray. The sub-dominant are the top of the hairspray as hairsprays need to have the pump to let the liquid flow out. Lastly the sub-ordinate part is the graphics on the hairspray, as it is to capture more attention to the target audience  and add information about the item.

Overall, the white top takes about 10%, the grey part takes about 25% and the rest of it takes about 65%.

The underline words are keywords that I’ve learnt on my first 3D lesson.

Class Assignment – Perspective

One-point perspective
two-point perspective
three-point perspective
  1. The focal point moves as the perspective changes. From one-point perspective to three-point perspective, there is a difference in the the focal point object and its depth of the object.
  2. It maximizes the information acquired in the picture.