Topic: Tooth Decay

 Tooth decay is a common oral health issue among children who are 6 to 12 years old. Quoted from an online report in 2014,‘One in two Singapore kids has rotten teeth’. A dental officer, Dr Matthew Lau, said: “We are seeing more children with decayed and filled teeth.” Bad oral health can get worse as children grow.

Deliverable 1: Exhibition Panels 

Objective: To educate target audience on tooth decay.

First 3 Panels
Last 3 Panels

I was going for a comic pop art look because I had a mascot, who is a superhero, and the mascot will lead the audience through storytelling in all the 6 panels.

Some references for my Deliverable 1
Drawings of mascot
1st Draft of Panel 1 & Panel 2

Initially, I wanted all my panels to be similar to Panel 2 (image on the right) where each panel will be divided into 2 or 3 sections and the mascot will be telling a story on how to fight tooth decay. However, I scraped that idea due to a few reasons. But one of the reason is that the text at the bottom will be too low.

Sketches of each panel
Initial Idea that was rejected