Group 4 | Prototyping Part 2

Our logo

Firstly, we came up with our logo named rertrEAT, a place for solo diners in NTU. Why we came up with retrEAT or the narrative behind retrEAT is shown in the image below.

During our presentation, we tested out the message with our classmates. Instead of saying “I’m dining solo, please…”, we changed it to “I’ don’t FOMO, I just…” and “I’m not anti-social, I’m just…” to fit into the millennial slang. Here are what some of them wrote:

Then we proceed on with our prototype. Here is a rough sketch by Tuyen.

Physical prototype, done by all of us. 

Feedback given was:

  • Most of the classmates enjoyed being able to write the message at the back of the chair. It felt something personal and people will know whether to approach or not.
  • It seems like a lounge instead of a canteen.
  • Can create better designs for logo and the message.
  • Maybe this space can be used for events such as having introvert talks by famous people.

Group 4 | Qualitative and Quantitive Survey & our Point-of-View

Our objective for this week is to Interview people regarding their experiences about socializing over food.

Online survey:

5 interviews:

Insights based on Online Survey

From the online survey, we deduce that majorities are extrovert as they like having company, while minorities are introverts as the prefer to be alone.

After much discussion, we decided to focus on the topic below.


Group 4 | Interviews, Insights and Point-of-View

For our second interview, our objectives was to interview people about their memorable experiences with food.

Here are some of our guiding questions:

  • Tell me about your relationship with food.
  • What do you enjoy about eating?
  • Why do these experiences make you happy?
  • What was your most memorable eating experience.
  • Tell me more about a memorable eating experience in NTU.
  • What is your essential thing/need for you to enjoy eating?
  • Why does this make you enjoy eating?
  • Does NTU provide you with your essence thing/need?
  • If “yes”, tell me more about it.
  • If “no”, Have you try to overcome it?/ Do you have any suggestion for NTU to improve it?
  • Will you tell/ encourage other about  your essence thing/need?
  • How may we create an enjoyable environment for you to have food at NTU?