Group 4 | Test & Feedback

When we were testing our prototype and concept to our target audience (students), we started by introducing them what is introversion. So we started with this question: Have you ever felt a little tired by the company of your friends and the people around you? That’s the introvert in you!

Then we state our problem statement: NTU students with a degree of introversion need to be able to express their introversion without being disturbed when eating in school and without being judged by their peers. 

With the feedback given, we started to input some visuals into our prototype.

Above images shows the same layout with different designs. We couldn’t decide which design to go with, hence we decided to open our questions to the class. Most of them preferred the colourful background, but not lines and change of colours.

We also showed a 3D rendering of the space, done by Glenn. 

After our presentation, the main concern was dialogue behind our space and how we could create awareness about introversion to the extrovert students.

PLANAR Construction

After experimenting the different types of strip, I thought of making into a rollercoaster as rollercoaster has different types of loops, twisted and up and down. And I recalled going to one of China’s theme park where the rollercoaster has 10 loops. After riding this, I was not afraid of roller coaster any more.

The rollercoaster with 10 loops

Here are other rides that I took while I was in the theme park, which can be my inspiration:


Feedback for Planar 1

  • Remove the broken panel to create different sizes of void
  • Make the longest strip flow naturally
  • Suggestion: Make one part of it busy/cluster together 

With the feedback given in class, I refined it. Making one part of it busy and let the longest strip flow naturally.

Feedback for Planar 2

  • The broken can be removed to crate more voids
  • Make the SO look like an obvious 2D twisted panel
  • Suggestion: Make one part of it busy/cluster together


After refining Panel 2, I wasn’t sure about making the SO twisted 3 times. It feels like it is taking attention from the 3D broken panel, which is the SD.

Behind-the-scene images:

My cat helping me to check D, SD, SO
Still checking
Making sure I get a correct angle while taking an image of my planar