Micro-Project 7: Video Selfie

Vivy Yusof instagram

For this micro-project, my alter ego is Vivy Yusof. She is a Malyasian entrepreneur and the co-founder of FashionValet and The dUCk Group.

She blogs and vlogs. She’s interested in fashion and her likes to post about her family and business which shows how much she loves them.

Why I chose to be her? Because I have been watching her videos and keeping in track with what she up to. And she is someone I aspire to be (maybe not too cause I am not as rich as her).

So my for this micro-project, I tried to copy her vlog; What’s In My Bag + The Whenever Planner | Vivy Yusof.

Here are some of the things I observe:

All her vlogs has no effects at all, but she uses hashtags and text with a few cut and edit scene. She uses lots of hand gestures and folding of her tudung/hijab. She speaks fluent english because she studied Law in London. And her Malaysia Ringgit shows where she came from.

So in this 1 minute video, I picked up some of the items mention in her vlog.

  • LV bag
  • Make-up bag
  • Sunglasses
  • Malaysia Ringgit
  • Iphone




Since I don’t have an office, I switched my location to my house, which is similar to her other vlogs that has this family frame in the background.


How can the video selfie be used to alter identity?

To me, video selfie shows what is needed to be shown and it conceal all the other stuff. So I needed to portray someone who’s likes luxury stuff and is in her comfort zone. So I used a LV bag, which is not mine and I said that is mine (so its like lying), to show luxury and I was in my pyjamas pants, that couldn’t be seen in this video.

How might video be used to conceal identity?

Video can be used to fake oneself, like the way we speaks and our body language can be changed to fit our alter ego. For me, it was difficult to use her tone of voice as she always speaks to the camera and he is used to it, but for me, it is a no no.

How do the objects that surround you contribute to your sense of identity?

Objects around me are able to give hints to the audience about who am I. As a vlogger, I think that objects around them are plays an important role in  portraying themselves. Example in my alter ego’s background, she is in her office which shows that she has her own business and her item she carry shows that she is a mum and she’s Malaysian. For my video, the background has family frame to show that family is important to me.


Exquisite Glitch

Original Image: IMG_1
IMG_1_3: Done by Me
  • Describe how this process of collective image creation and decomposition creates a glitch transformation.

If this was not a collective image creation, I would have an outcome of how I wanted to create my image to a glitch. But having other people and taking turns to create a glitch transformation, the outcome of it is unexpected.

And by taking turns to create a glitch transformation, I think that the person before plays an influential role as it will influence and affect the next person’s thoughts.

  • How is each transformation creating a new form of its precursor?

It is an unknown out come and there is no control in creating the glitch transformation.

Here are some editing I did for my friends’ selfie:

Research Critique 2: Third Space, Third Person

  • What is the third space to you?

My understanding of a third space is that we are in different places physically and we become one virtually, example through the Facebook live.

'transformative social space into the online medium' (Randall Parker, 2017) 
  • How do we collapse boundaries in the third space?
'telematic work, which aimed to bring together artists that were separated by physical and geographical boundaries.' (Maria Chatzichristodoulo’s Cyberformance)

As mention above, one of the ways to collapse the boundaries in a third space is using telematics. For our micro project, Minjee and I were at the same geographical boundaries but we were at different places, separated by the physical boundaries. And through telematics work which is the Facebook Live, we were able to collapse the physical boundary and become one.

Minjee & I becoming one in a third space
  • How do we create closeness and intimacy in the third space despite being in different locations?
Projection of half of our faces using the split screen

Firstly, it is through the life size projection of our faces. By using the split screen, we created a third person by projecting half of our faces, like we chatting with the viewer face to face.


Copying each other hand gestures

Secondly, is copying each other movements as it was our first time doing a project together. Hence by copying each other, we break down the awkwardness between us. This also creates a certain level of comfortableness between us.


  • How did you virtually touch, hold objects, create a “third” body using different gestures despite being in different locations?
Our drawings

We created a third person by combing both of us, with the use of split screen. One of the things that we did was drawings. It is like a 2 separate drawings that become 1. From the viewers point of view, they will see that all the things are done by one person.