Project 2 – Mindmap & Moodboard

Hello there!

For project 1, I picked butterfly to be my animal and I will continue using butterfly for project 2 too.


Below is a mind map of things, traits and thoughts that linked to butterfly. There are 4 major topics: Patterns, Feminine, Growth and Butterfly effect. The ones that are circle in pink are topics or themes that I am interested to work on.

Mindmap of a Butterfly (images taken from


The 5 keywords that describe my project are: Elegant, Vibrant, Illustrative, Simpe & Subtle. So overall, what I had in mind was the concept of females such as feminism, women empowerment or breast cancer. Hence I created 3 similar yet different moodboard, as I was unsure if I am able to change it in the later part of this project.

Moodboard 1

Above is my most favourite moodboard among all 3. It has the power vibe into it yet it is not striking because the pink and nude colours that help the red to tone down.

Moodboard 2
Moodboard 3

Moodboard 3 has this subtle, soft look to it yet edgy (maybe because most images are product or architecture). But if I were to pick now, most likely I will pick Moodboard 1.

Ego In Different Setting – Process 1

I’M BACKKK, after a week full of submissions. I thought that I couldn’t make it through the submission week, but I did! 

Ok, back to my last project in 2D: Ego In Different Setting.

At first when I get the project brief, I was clueless on what I want to do for this project. But the one thing that I wanted was to have my style injected to this project. Like when people see the outcome of this project, they will know that “this is Azizah’s style”. That was one of my objective for this project.

So to start of with this project, I did a mind map based on myself in 3 different types of environment: Around friends, family and being alone. And I realise that I have a lot of roles in my family; middle child, daughter, maid (because I always clean the house) and humpty dumpty (as I’m the clumsy one in the family). So I decided to do on middle child, as I was inspired by my friend’s work about her being a middle child. Below is a gist of her book on middle child.

After reading her book, I had a better understanding about what I wanted to do for this project – Me being a middle child and sisterhood.


Mindmap in a family environment + sketches of my equation
Detailed sketches for each frame

Equation 1: Shopaholic me + 2 sisters = They wearing my new clothes

Equation 2: Me blended into the background + Sisters get attention from my parents = Independent and freedom

Equation 3: Hardworking me + Messy room = Me cleaning up after my sisters

Equation 4:  Me + sisters quarrelling = Resolve the conflict

Feedback given: have a constant art direction throughout as some frame has a lot of things going on, and some are just simple and direct.

Hence I did some artist research so that I can visualise how my outcome will roughly look like.

Based on this project called Tanakan for RBK, I like the minimalist, clean and simple where the subject is in the centre (which is similar to my style as I mention in the previous project that I like having my subject in the center). And I also like the use of contrasting colours.

Marly Gallardo is one of my favourite illustrator. Throughout her illustrations, she  uses split complimentary colours, hence most of her works look coherent because of the use of colours. *Me bookmarking this part* Another thing I like about her work is because of the use of PINK. Because for this project I thought of using Pink as the main colour as pink represents me and my sisterhood.

Another artist that I would like to reference is Petra Eriksoon. I like her style of illustration and colour use such as the gestalt on the portrait.

Ok, I think this is sufficient for just one post. The next post will be on my progress and the difficulties I faced while exciting my work. (:


My chosen season is Autumn.

Actually I was hoping for Spring as I like when the flowers are blooming and the colour pink too. 

So I start by  researching about Autumn (mostly in Japan, because of Ikebana). There are a few things that interest me:

  • When the leaves are falling – it gives a slow and graceful movement to it
  • Halloween – something that I always wanted to try it (although I am scary cat)
  • Scattering of autumn leaves – like the use of colours.
Mindmap of Autumn

At first I wanted to do on the movement of falling leaves, but I could not visualise how it will look with ikebana. Hence I decided to move on with Halloween.

Halloween Moodboard

So for my Halloween concept, I wanted it to be targeted to children! So it will be something like ‘trick and treat’ where the vase will be filled with candies. I also intended to use lighting to show the spookiness of Halloween. There will be no leaves on the branches, and I might want to make the branch black.

My next post will be on the development of Halloween and Ikebana together.