Sequencing Image – Part 1

Hello! So my group consist of Alina, Ying Hui, Syadza & me.

So how we start of was each of us came up with a story and we tried to mix it and match each other story. So as a start, we discussed individual story on WhatsApp.

Draft idea for storyline

So my idea (top most whastsapp chat) was about my childhood friend that I have not connected since we left primary school. Whatever she is doing now is a mystery to me and sometimes I wonder what she’s currently doing.

Then Ying Hui’s idea was about her long lost friend, where Ying Hui thought she would not turn out that way. But they both are still contacting with each other on social media.

Then Alina suggested to do like a fantasy story, which I though was a good idea. Because if this was an individual project, definitely I would not be able to create a fantasy story, so why not do it as a group then.

Syadza’s idea was about a girl who had a traumatic kidnapping accident, which plays around with the girl’s mental state.

So to conclude our idea, we mix our idea by having a girl, not in a stable mental condition, being transferred to another school which has fantasy in it.


After the discussion on Whatsapp, we met up to discuss in more detailed about our story. So our story is about a girl being transferred to a new school. In the new school, there wasn’t any humans in it.  Everyone is in an animal face. During lunch, she thought that everyone will have a normal meal like rice or bread, but it turned out to be the opposite. Some were having meats, carrot, rats, lizards etc. Then the animal beside her offered her a piece of meat, she accept it and ate it. Soon after, some of her body changes and she became one of the animal in school.

We wanted more scene as we felt that the ending was quite abrupt, and we had to fit it in 20 frames.

After confirming our storyboard, we went out to find props for our shot. The most important thing was to find animal mask as it is our concept in the storyboard. So I went to Daiso, and Ying Hui went to a shop in Bugis where they sell animal mask.

Searching of props

Image reference

Before we shot our images, Alina sent those images as our reference. The setting of the image should be dark, with a bit of lighting on the subject.

During the shot, we had 2 camera: Alina’s camera & Syadza’s camera. In Alina’s camera, she changed the setting of her camera so that the image will look dark when it is take. And in Syadza’s camera, we took it in normally lighting.

Alina’s camera
Syadza’s camera

The difficult part was editing the images, as some images are darker (in Alina’s camera) and some are lighter (in Syadza’s camera).

After we got our images taken, we realise that it does not have to be 20 images. So we went to shot for more images as we realise that the previous images might be too short to create a sequencing image.

Ying Hui’s drew the storyboard and she was just lazy to redraw the last few scenes.

So went to reshot a few more times and I realise that we had too many images. There were a lot of images that we took as each of us has our own storyline that we want to portray. And each of us also has different ending that we want to show. Hence, it was the only way to help each other to shot more images as teamwork makes the dream work.