Creative Industry Report: Lushsux

“Sometimes a man just gotta paint an anime waifu.” – Lushsux

Some men want to watch the world burn, and one of them is the anonymous graffiti artist, Lushsux, infamous for painting viral memes on the streets of Australia. Banned in the US and the UK, Lushsux does not paint murals with deep meanings behind them, rather, he’d rather do it to impacting us with a refreshing image of comedic value.

Sometimes he paints normal things
But most of the time he paints things that are just nonsensical

Audience Engagement:


He does not disclose where he paints them, so when you do stumble upon his artworks in the streets, it’s exciting. I want to go to Melbourne and spend a day looking for his artworks. In his livestreams, you are able to not only see his creative process, but the reactions he receives from the general public. The rawness of human emotion that he receives while he is painting is fascinating, and I think if anyone of us were to be in his shoes, some of us would break down and stop painting.

The Rock

When choosing what to paint on these walls, he engages his internet audience by creating polls where his audience can vote on what the next painting could be.

50 Cent

Speaking of celebrities, he also terrorised the rapper 50 cent with numerous murals of the rapper in weird mashups. Through this feud he got jumped by fans of 50 cent and had to go to the hospital, but he said it was worth it.

Chaotic Energy:

Ever since following Lushsux for the past few years, the relentless chaotic energy he displays is something that we all can learn from. Art does not have to be something deep and meaningful, as creating something purely just out of aesthetics is also contributing to the conversation of art. Sometimes, the first stupid idea you have is probably the best idea because there’s nothing quite like it.

Wearable Tech: Angels & Demons


The concept name came from the name of the concept of our project which is angels and demon. It is simple yet effective in labelling the garments for what they are. The Concept is Romeo and Juliet with and Angels and Demons and an Italian twist. This was done because of the fact that the two entities are the contrasts opposite of each other. We decided to join the two contrasting entities together to make the dress. Feathers are an important element since both angels and demons have wings with feathers. We used feathers as one of the secondary elements to give the pieces a bit more of an elegance feel


Read our process journal:

Tech video:


Re-imaging our role in the fashion show:

Nurjannah Suhaimi:

In the fashion show, the role which I had planned to do would be makeup, since makeup is my strong suit as well as having a lot of experience in the makeup department. I could apply makeup to the models faces. This would help with the professional setting of the fashion show.

For the fashion show 2020, I would still like to have the role of being in the makeup department since to contribute to the aesthetics of the model.  It also helps with since there could be potentially a shortage of makeup artists hence that could be eased.

Eesaa Sheikh:

In the fashion show, the roles which I had planned to do was music production. This was due to the fact that I wanted to compile music depending on the concept of each garment. It would add diversity to the fashion show.

For the fashion show 2020, unfortunately due to the fact that I am in the UK during that time in my final year, I cannot come to Singapore physically but can still contribute via emails


During the kampong days, ghost stories were precautionary warnings to be wary of spirits who appear as the things that you are most frightened by. I believe in many of these stories, and I am fascinated at how closely tied to nature they are (eg. Frangipani scents or Banana trees). I wanted to make a series on the vast variety of Malay ghosts, many of which have affected generations of Malay people, and those I grew up hearing.

Some included Orang Minyak; an oil covered man who so that he can attack young women, Pontianak; a woman who died while during pregnancy; Hantu Raya; a big ghost that manifests itself in the form of its owner; and Hantu Galah; the tall ghost, where eye contact brings you to another dimension. Nur, the divine light from the house, is the faith of the villagers who still continue their daily lives.

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Iris Van Herpen || Wearable Tech

Iris van HerpenIris Van Herpen is Dutch is widely recognised as one of fashion’s most forward thinking creators, who utilises 3D printing and laser cutting as a garment construction technique. One look at her work and you are hypnotised by the complex patterns that makes the garments on the runway look so ethereal and unreal. The way that she has created these pieces is through her signature parametric patterning which was achieved through laser cutting. 

Iris Van Herpen, Fall, 2019

Iris Van Herpen Fall 2018

Iris van Herpen Fall 2018 Couture collection, runway looks, beauty, models, and reviews.

This runway was inspired by the slowing down of movement of birds. The runway was very ethereal as the pieces bounced lightly along with the model as they walked, and the installation above adding to the slowness of a bird’s flight.

Iris Van Herpen, Hypnosis

In hypnosis, the movement of the garment created an illusion that was very eye-catching. 

Iris van Herpen Fall 2019 Couture Collection - Vogue

Iris van Herpen Fall 2019 Couture collection, runway looks, beauty, models, and reviews.

My Concept