Joan Miro

Barcelona based Spanish painter, sculptor, ceramicist, and muralist, Joan Miro “dismantled traditional precepts of representation” (The Art Story, 2017) through his inventive style of abstract which never fully became non-objective. His work is influenced by surrealism and dadaism, which speaks to me because I also find these art movements interesting. 

Harlequin’s Carnival by Joan Miro, 1924-25

What I particularly enjoyed about his work is that he experiments with mark making, which shows the progression of his work of when he started and when he became a professional artist. 

The Barcelona Series by Joan Miro, 1973-74


My Strange Encounter

California based filmmaker, illustrator, and vintage collage artist, Eugenia Loli puts narratives in her collages that kickstarts the viewer’s imagination to interpret her work. I enjoy her work because they are surreal and aesthetically pleasing.

Title: “Soft Kisses, Stinging Bites”

For this piece, the thing that stood out to me the most was that the artist placed a picture of a literal crab on top go the model’s head. Through this use of visual, I liked that the artist used the natural shape of the crab to make it look like a sort of crown, suggesting a “queen” like character. Accompanied by the title, the model putting on lipstick also gave me a message of “deadly beautiful things”. With this, this piece influenced my work through using one of my personal favourite themes because I like the contradiction of pleasant things being harmful.

Title: Inking a New Friendship

I enjoyed the narrative in this story, which majorly inspired by own character creations for my strange encounter. For instance, as the girl in the picture is on a “tiny” boat, it shows a whimsical and childish narrative of the girl going on a fun adventure. As the squid creature hands her flowers, it also shows me a playful but surreal vibe, just enough to make it slightly weird yet digestible. With this, I enjoyed the use of the found images and being able to place theme together and kickstart my imagination of what would happen if I met someone from an underwater world.