Archetypes, Process || Typography

Final submission time!











not kidding i liked my first one…though  colours was so difficult for me because i kept wanting to use red, yellow, and blue. finally i just decided that i should just make this part of a blue print.








this was all hand drawn :’) even the final :’))))




when lisa showed the typography work made out of wingdings…i was inspired. so i decided to put it into context of an alien language…and because i was quoting bjork, i think it was very suitable.


The Walls Have Ears, Process || Typography

Hello! It’s been a while since I posted. Below is the process of the Typography posters 🙂

So the quotes that I had were very, um, questionable. I always stay in the school lounge till very late at night, and conversations with me always end up revolving around a very particular set of topics :,) :

  • “Listen! I know you better that you know yourself, you’re GAY”
  • “You’ve probably never had any SEX before, but that’s not how it works, Jacob!”
  • “I’d bring you to the movies but they said no outside SNACCS allowed”


From these I came up with a few concepts for the posters:

Concept 1: Open Secret

For this, I wanted to show the aspect that these quotes were supposed to be some sort of secret that someone kept but everyone else knows it (so its not really a secret anymore, more like a taboo topic)

I wanted to use the gestalt theory for this because i wanted to hide the words between each other;

Gestalting the word gay into the word STR8


Trying to use a more handwritten-like font for the word sex to try and juxtapose it with the word ANY.


i tried to make the word SEX upside down….


again with the handwritten font and the very heavy sans serif layered on top of each other. here i tried to play around with the Y-Axis of the paper but somehow this was not working.


I had lots of trouble with this concept for the last quote because i had no idea what words were more important than the other, and which two words from the quotes i should put more emphasis on.

Concept 2: Things that are not straight

I think it’s safe to say that my quotes are pretty gay. especially the first one, which was why i had another concept of just distorting the typeface:

this one looked good, but it didn’t give me gay vibes at all, it gave me more of a wavy feel


tried font manipulation, inspired by a typography poster i saw that was imposed on a piece of fabri


Felt that the concept was not strong enough, but had some potential.

Concept 3: Working the corner at the red light district

Okay i came up with this idea because i really liked neon and bold colours. I also found my quotes very sexy and scandalous, and it was time i did something daring:

section of my moodboard from pinterest

I really liked the photo of the neon lights shop at the bottom most right, which kind of inspired the use of neon signs:


i still wanted to play with the X and Y axis of my paper, and experiment with like non-linear type of story telling. i had the idea of this being a point of view of someone who lives in the red like district and his laptop is in front of a giant window that had the word SEX on a sign right in front of it.


this was inspired by the picture of the “GIRS GIRLS GIRLS” sign next to the picture of the neon lights shop. i liked the repetition because it gave a sense of urgency to it, which made the words unavoidable. kind of like how the person in the story is trying to hide his gayness but everyone else knows hes gay and just trying to get him to stop avoiding it.


I think for me i was also very concerned with how this concept might be too graphic, because i wanted the typography to stand out instead of the drawings. but after consultation that day, i developed this concept to really work with the corner/angle element that i had going on in the second drawing.


Concept 4: Late night school talks

This concept did not win but i think its worth showing my other angle for the project:

because all these were quotes from late night talks at the school lounge, i wondered what if the quotes were written in very typical college food like coffee, ramen noodles, and some actual snacks…. but to be honest i think this concept was a bit weak and safe.


i did my work in black and white first because i found it easier to focus on the layout without having colour distract me:

Quote 1

  • didn’t know if i wanted to put the “you’re” in the arrow, but after consultation i decided to leave it in
  • but i think after angling the “listen! i know..” part of the sentence to make it look part of the wall, and making the arrow thinner, it looks better
  • changed the “listen, i know…” sans serif into a serif font because i wanted that contrast
  • needed the “GAY GAY GAY” font to be thicker 🙂 because i needed to create visual hierarchy between the two sections of the quote.


Quote 2

  • wanted the 3 posters to look like a full scene when they were placed next to each other. like a tri-fold kind of view. so for this poster i wanted a central focus.
  • but i think i found it difficult to do that because the most important word in this quote, “SEX” is only 3 letters.
  • decided to go back to one of the things i learned from a youtube video, to try and play with the X and Y axis of the canvas.
  • ended up with the last one which i decided to stack the letters that make up “SEX” above each other.
  • wanted the “but that’s not how it works!” part of the sentence to be a graffiti kind of vibe, characteristic of a red light district where young hooligans would just tag the place up.
  • so i had like 3 typefaces to deal with in this poster, which was a challenge because i wanted people to read it from the left > top right > back to left > then bottom right. so i had to make the last part of the sentence look not distracting.


Quote 3

  • this was tough because the most important part of the sentence is 4 words
  • to put it into context of the narrative i had, i decided to make it a signage at the entrance to a peep show


For the colours, i already had them in mind from the start. since they were of red light district theme, they had to be feminine colours. Also because they are my favourite colours, and it just so happens that my concept allows me to have this colour combination hehe :,)

i’m not that good at colour choosing, but i learned this technique from a youtuber, where you get a picture that has the colour scheme you want, you apply the craqulee filter on it, then it gives you a palette of the photo which then you can pick and choose and see if it fits with your composition:

colour scheme 1
colour scheme 2
colour scheme 3



very proud of my work! even though it was a little embarrassing at the print shop!


Final Poster and Brochure [Process] || Visual Communication 1

Hello! Long time no see! Here is my process of how my final poster and brochure for the Singapore Design Week came to be:


Initial stages [sketching]

In my previous OSS post about my second trip to the National Design Centre, I had already mentioned that my theme for the poster would be about the conversation of the wannabes who go to art events, and to do that I use the ‘glitch aesthetic’ to show the breaking down about the dichotomy of the conversation.

Below are some sketches that I had when I was brainstorming ideas:

Concepts for the elements of the poster

Working with the I Wannabe slogan. these were just initial sketches to let all the stupid ideas leak out of my brain so that something better would come up better. The posters here really had nothing good to say about SDW and were not related to the arts event at all, though i did explore layout.

Concept for the poster elements part 2

Another section of letting out all my stupid ideas out to make way for the smarter ones. Here, this was not related to SDW in a direct way, rather I was commenting on the role of the artists and audience at arts events.


This is a section of my pinterest board. After i saw the picture at the most bottom left, i was inspired to have incorporate the concept of humanoids


concept for the poster elements part 3
Instagram trend

This one is even more dumb but i’m getting closer to my theme of SDW. I was inspired by this art Instagram trend of “do & don’t” which basically told people how to “draw” properly. I found the trend stupid which was why i wanted to try and use it in the poster, to show that the dichotomous conversation was stupid as well, by having the faces of the humanoids show a “congratulations!” virus spam window.

The screenshot below that  is the trend that i was talking about, but this picture above is from one of my favourite artists also mocking the trend.


Poster concept 1

Using the concept of the colour picker, i wanted to show that no matter where the picker lands, every one is “art” “deep” “aesthetic” and “shallow”. the crowd below is a glitch where the window of an image of a person is being dragged all the way to the ‘front of the line’ to have their photo to be taken. This was more of a truthful commentary of what goes on during arts events. Did’t like this much because i felt that it didn’t make sense if I wasn’t there to explain it. But i knew that there was something i could use from this concept, just needed to refine it.


Poster concept 2

This one, I played more with the elements of the humanoids and the colour picker. I wanted to show a crowd, like a kind of hive mind, which is why i stacked them all very closely to each other. I also had the drop down menu for the slogan, and the options were some of the words that could finish the sentence (so that people can have an option of what they want the sentence to say). To be honest I didn’t really like this concept a lot because i didn’t know what to make of it, but after consultation with Michael, the element of crowd worked well in my favour better here than the previous concept.


Poster concept 3

Here I tried to incorporate both the elements in the previous concepts into one concept. I didn’t like this much because at this point the glitch was used not purposefully. After all these sketching, I digitalised it so that I could see how the poster would really look like.

Process (digitalising drafts)

Poster Draft 1

I hated this draft the moment I started, theres nothing much to say. There was no contrast, the hierarchy was all wrong, it looked like a mess. I think i was trying to push the narrative too much without considering the poster design here.


Poster Draft 2

This was cleaner, but i didn’t like this because the layout was too traditional. As for the humanoids, i tried to remain neutral, but it didn’t give me the “uncanny valley” vibe. it looked too boring and the glitch elements did not have much purpose at this point. I also had only one design of the humanoid who had an ambiguous gender and race because i wanted to show that I was not attacking a specific group of people.


Poster draft 3

This is where my poster started to look closer to my final. This was also the one i showed during class. After the feedback, I removed some elements because I too do agree that the work now looks very cluttered. I also changed the alignment of the text, because the feedback said that it was more natural for english speaking people to read from the left to right as opposed to right to left. With this feedback, I also had to change the flow of the elements in the poster so that I can lead the viewer’s eyes naturally.

Here I decided to illustrate both a male and female figure and turn them into humanoids, because I felt that at least this would help make the poster feel more relatable as people could identify with gender.


Poster draft 4

At this point i still did not know why i didn’t like my previous poster so it tried something else.

Here I “deep fried” my poster because i was running out of ideas. (Deep fried meaning that i put so many filters on the poster and just kept layering it until it gives that it looks as if i actually deep friend the poster in oil). I felt that there was too much colour going on here which was fighting for the attention of the glitch windows and the two humanoids so i didn’t go for the colourful background.

As for the humanoid, i changed the colour picker to  the macbook’s spinning wheel of death. This was because I was also trying to find out how I was going to turn my anti-advertisement concept into a proper advertisement with a positive message about the client. I liked the spinning wheel of death better than the colour picker because it communicated destruction, which was the type of feeling i wanted my poster to give.


Poster draft 5

Looking better, but at this point the poster is SOOOO GREY. i liked that there is a pop of colour in the spinning wheels of death, but i think after feedback i also agreed that I could improve the way i presented “Singapore Design Week 2019”. I liked the layout for the poster on the right, but it ran the risk of looking like two separate posters when i covered the top or bottom half of the poster. For the one on the left, I found that the “snake” i made behind the two main humanoids could help me tie the whole poster together. 



Yay final! After adjusting my poster based on my research and drafts, i’m quite happy with how the final poster turned out. I also had change in my slogan to make the artwork more positive: Creation from Destruction; I Wannabe. And the two humanoids now are “creative” as they are malfunctioning, which to me is such an interesting idea. I definitely wish I could really refine all the details of the poster, but for what it’s worth i’m really happy with the outcome.



Below is a video of my brochure process:


From this process I really learnt that less is more (even though the entirety of my concept os all about maximalism).