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I really like Art Nouveau (it took me 4 tries to get the spelling right) because of it’s very ethereal, goddess-like, very calm and ideal perception of life. Though, i’ve never been one to aim to become an arts and crafts designer myself, sometimes when I calm down and go into a fantasy world, I do think of dragons and magic and beautiful women too :’) I went home for the weekend, and in my house, we have lots of plants. My mom LOVES them: both fake and real plants. She kind of has this Moroccan aesthetic thing going on, which is very tropical but still decorative at the same time:


Did somebody mention Morocco?
Tropical plants


I used the Philodendron plant as the centre of my abstract pattern because it is the most iconic tropical plant. Also, i used a bluish turquoise kind of colour because of the Moroccan aesthetic. I kind of kept it simple (even though that’s not very art nouveau of me) because i kind of wanted to get the round corners in to create an organic square shape, which is one of the characteristics I find in late Art Nouveau styles, mostly inspired by the likes of:


My tropical take on Art Nouveau:



Also because I was in the mood for it:



Even though it should be more detailed and done with more care, I found it fun to do this tropical take on the Art Nouveau style!


Art Nouveau in Singapore culture? More likely than you think!!

For me, learning about the arts and crafts movement was um….interesting. I feel like we’ve been doing this for the longest time though coughcough

my batik pajamas
Related image
more batik for your soul
i wonder why William Morris’s design are put on a pedestal, looks like something my grandma would wear HMMMMMMMMMMM

but other than the normal everyday things that i own in my house, the Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts movement is still prevalent in Singapore’s design landscape, example the gate at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.


In conclusion, Art Nouveau and the Arts and Crafts Movement are not dead! but please keep that far away from me, it’s so gaudy and i’ll use it only when i want no one to see me! or maybe if i’m feeling more southeast asian than normal. or pretending to be a witch in lord of the rings.

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  1. jannah why you so power hehe. the illustration has as bit of a homely feel because of the tropical plants and the wall-tile-ish pattern and the colours used are so peaceful!! :’) major luv

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