Bauhaus Creative Response || History of Design


Have you ever seen a crime scene in Singaporean public hawker centres? Tissue packets strewn across the tables, their innocent plastic bodies displayed to show it’s owner’s power during the busy lunch period?

Something unique to Singapore eating spaces is the use of tissue packets to reserve seats during lunch time, as a way to assert your dominance to other people that THIS IS YOUR SPOT. Here I drew a Chope War. Chope means ‘Reserve’ in colloquial Singlish, and in this image there are two people fighting over the table.

Blue for the table because it is the usual colour for hawker centre tables next to white.

Red for angry people fighting against each other

Yellow for the innocent tissue packets being used as weapons of mass reservation.

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  1. very relatable n i like the balanced, almost symmetrical composition you used. n how the packets of tissue floating in mid air breaks away the rigidity of the symmetrical-ness to give it more rhythm 😀

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