Folds, Format, Form [Information & Visual research, Design exploration] || Visual Communication 1

Information Research

Below are some designers that i’ve decided to include in my brochure. The descriptions will be shortened to less than 150 words during the design process, so that i can have a better understanding of what information is important.

Visual Research and Design Exploration

Trying to keep things in theme with my NDC poster and tagline “Creation from Destruction; I Wannabe”, the concept of my brochure would be destruction and danger, which will open up to be something “wholesome” and “creative”.

Concept 1: Fold Fold Fold

For this concept, i wanted to experiment with what kind of experience can the user get while reading the brochure. A phrase that came to my mind was “a gift that keeps on giving”, which i interpreted as the brochure having an element multiple places where the user can open and close.


Concept 2: Tear Tear Tear

Currently, I really like this concept because it speaks about my tagline of creation from destruction very well. I think it would be interesting to have a brochure that encourages the user to destroy it, and then later experience a series of folds where they can keep discovering new parts of the brochure (kind of like the first concept)

Below is a video of some of the paper folding i tried: