Wearable Tech: Angels & Demons


The concept name came from the name of the concept of our project which is angels and demon. It is simple yet effective in labelling the garments for what they are. The Concept is Romeo and Juliet with and Angels and Demons and an Italian twist. This was done because of the fact that the two entities are the contrasts opposite of each other. We decided to join the two contrasting entities together to make the dress. Feathers are an important element since both angels and demons have wings with feathers. We used feathers as one of the secondary elements to give the pieces a bit more of an elegance feel


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Tech video:


Re-imaging our role in the fashion show:

Nurjannah Suhaimi:

In the fashion show, the role which I had planned to do would be makeup, since makeup is my strong suit as well as having a lot of experience in the makeup department. I could apply makeup to the models faces. This would help with the professional setting of the fashion show.

For the fashion show 2020, I would still like to have the role of being in the makeup department since to contribute to the aesthetics of the model.  It also helps with since there could be potentially a shortage of makeup artists hence that could be eased.

Eesaa Sheikh:

In the fashion show, the roles which I had planned to do was music production. This was due to the fact that I wanted to compile music depending on the concept of each garment. It would add diversity to the fashion show.

For the fashion show 2020, unfortunately due to the fact that I am in the UK during that time in my final year, I cannot come to Singapore physically but can still contribute via emails