Typographer of the Week, Jonathan Barnbrook || Typographer

Having visited both his individual and studio website, these are some of my opinions!:

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I really enjoy his use of pastiche in his work! To me, even though Barnbrook is from the digital age, he shows that you can still be expressive! He reminds me of work by Neville Brody because both are kind of like postmodern rebels.

this guy….HAHAHA

His experiments with stone lettering capture my attention because it is kind of ancient but he uses machines to engrave them, which puts a whole new twist on his typographic design.

There are some interesting points that Barnbrook mentioned in the video:

  • Letterforms provides a voice for a text
  • They are a vehicle of ideological expression
  • As a graphic designer, he is slightly outside the art world because he is not an artist
  • graphic design and art have many functions: cultural, societal, beautifying, etc 
  • “Don’t be scared of the lack of experience because that’s how you begin to create things”
  • “there is no right way of doing graphic design; one of the most important things is to just follow your passion

For me, these pieces of advices and new perspectives are very useful for me as an aspiring designer!!

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