Art Science Museum Visit


When I first saw this work, it was pretty much straight forward. A cradle being rocked by a robotic hand in different rhythms. Without reading the text, I knew what this artwork is about. It shows how busy a mother can be that she could not even rock her own baby to sleep. From the artwork, it shows how even a role of a mother, someone who we close so dearly to our lives, can be replaced by robot.

Upon reading more of the text given, what I have guessed were mostly true. Since mothers in the 21st century are more advanced and highly-qualified for a full-time job, can they still balance their tasks as a mother? The artist was questioning whether robots can affect the development of a baby’s growth by taking over the most sacred job in the world; being a mother.


When I saw this artwork from far, it looked like a normal cute but semi-realistic baby put in glass cases. Upon closer inspection, I’ve realized that there were deficiencies on the baby and they were not normal at all. Some of them had holes in their head while some of them had gills (as shown in the picture above). This is highly disturbing to me and I was pretty confused about what it was. My initial thought was about us humans relying too much on robots that it has somehow spread around as a “virus” and affects (or mutated) the birthing of our children.


However, upon reading the text, the artist’s intention was to question whether we should have modifications on babies who were born with a deficiency and how they should perform surgical procedures in order to allow the babies to fit into society once they are older. They were planning to have an operation and modification done so that they won’t have any problems or disabilities when growing up in the future.

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