Project 1: My Line is Emo (Research)


Inspired Artists

Trevor Bell

The One from Many 1959 Trevor Bell born 1930 Presented by the artist 2011

Extreme Values 1959 Trevor Bell born 1930 Presented by the artist 2011

Patrick Heron

by Ida Kar,photograph,1954

Grey and Black Stripes : 1958 1958 Patrick Heron 1920-1999 Presented by Curwen Studio through the Institute of Contemporary Prints 1975

Azalea Garden : May 1956 1956 Patrick Heron 1920-1999 Purchased 1980

John Latham

P(n)2:3/12 1963 John Latham 1921-2006 Purchased 1971

Full Stop 1961 John Latham 1921- 2006 Presented by Nicholas Logsdail and Lisson Gallery, London 2005

As you can see throughout the artists and art pieces I’ve selected, they have something in common which is minimalistic and simplicity in their artworks. I’ve decided to strive towards this concept as it is not easy to tell a story based on something so simple but easy to understand. Most of the paintings shown above are very simple and look “accidental” but the meaning behind the paintings are very deep.

For example, the Full Stop 1961 by John Latham shows a single big dot in the middle of the canvas. The edges of the dot seems dispersed and washed out. Some has said that the dot can represents many things. It can either represent a stop to something or a start to something new once something else stops.

Julie Mehretu (Stadia I)


The work from Julie Mehretu, Stadia I, is very inspirational as she has used different form of shapes, lines, strokes, medium and colours in her piece. Despite using a lot of various elements in a single piece, you can clearly see the emotion she’s having when creating this piece. The space and perspective are greatly visible and used.

Julie Mehretu |Stalia I |Artsy