Project 2 – Text and Image (Advertisement) FINAL


The food object I took was the San Semo Spaghetti.

Since it was a wholemeal product, I’ve decided to focus on the healthy part of it. Wholemeal food were created to make you feel fuller since you have a longer time taken to chew your food. My idea was to show that instead of eating fast food and oily food, why not eat a wholemeal spaghetti and shred those fats. Hence, the shredder. A big blob of junk food can be seen going through the shredder and coming out as the wholemeal spaghetti. My main intention was to show the shredding part of the food since I wanted to emphasize on shredding of “fats”. However, my lecturer and peeps commented about how it seems like I’m converting the junk food into the spaghetti which basically shows that the spaghetti has the same amount of unhealthiness as the junk food that was being shredded. And also, I should’ve changed the “shred those fats” font colour to white instead of black. So that it will be easier when seen from afar.

I’ve realized my mistakes and will improve in the future.

But overall, I do enjoy this project as it helps me train my image compositing. I’ve never done it before as I was an animation student and everything was made from scratch. So, the use of editing images on Photoshop can be quite new to me.