Project 1 – 80%-100% FINAL



I managed to find the proper ice texture. The object was made with a blinn (shiny and reflective) material. I changed the attributes of it, playing around with the refractive index so that the ice will be transparent but at the same time, refracting the background and lights. I added in bump map, which sole purpose is to create realistic texture but it is actually a flat image pasted on top of the blinn material.

I changed the background to something with more detail so that the refraction can be seen clearly in the ice.




I’ve decided to submit this 80% piece and then focus on improving the typography later on. I made use of the colourful scheme to make it look like a preschool classroom. Preschool are mostly filled with babies and toddlers. Their toys are mostly for educational purposes. I’ve decided to use this particular toy as there’s more freedom to create free-form shapes using the metal rods.



I’ve decided to go with the outdoor scene as it looks more realistic. People would see this outside the club before proceeding inside. I changed the letter “Z” to a saxophone and the letter “I” to a microphone. I made the rest of the letters cursive to give it an informal and casual feeling. I feel that it’s quite easy to see that I am a jazz musician/singer due to the saxophone and microphone. And also the mini light bulbs surrounding the signboard.



This is the final outcome. I’ve combined various electrical components to create my name. I’ve used resistors and a crocodile-teeth wire for the letter “Z”, wires for the letter “A” and finally, an LED light board for “F”. I’ve decided to use my nickname “Zaf” instead of my full name. I thought of changing the wires for the letter “A” to a blue-coloured wire but decided it didn’t compliment the colours of the other 2 components as both of them are red in colour. I decided to use 2 different tones of red for the letter “A” to create a contrast. Props such as soldering iron and battery are placed around the name to show that I was working on the circuit board.

This project has allowed me to explore various ways of creating names in a unique manner. I have to say that I really enjoyed myself doing this project. Totally worth staying up till 5am everyday to complete this work *smiley face* I’ve decided to use Maya 2016 as the main medium for this particular project. I am still finding ways to improve myself. I have a feeling I’ll be more of a 3D graphic designer rather than a 2D for most of my work but I will try to explore different mediums more and step out from my comfort zone.