Project 2: Toiletry Bag


My idea was to create a toiletry bag which is useful when travelling. I’ve decided to come up with a detachable bag which can be put separately. One on the hotel room’s dressing table and another, hung/placed in the toilet.

Problem: It would be a hassle to bring multiple bags to store our makeups, toiletries and skincare products. Thus, I have come up with this idea to reduce the amount of bags brought overseas as it can be a hassle and space-consuming.

Solution: Create a toiletry bag which can be detached into 2 separate compartments. One of it would be waterproof so that it can be placed in the showers/by the sink. The other compartment will have mini compartments in it to store different makeup/skincare products.




I made my own net!!!! #AforEffort



There are some parts whereby zips are supposed to be used. But due to us using paper for our prototypes, it’s quite a tedious process to sew it in. Hence, clippers were used to replace the zippers. The prototype is quite large in size but it’s because the material used is quite rigid. Improvements can be made to the sizing, the use of zippers and proper netting in the future.


Project 1: Phone Dock


In this project, I’ve decided to come up with a multi-purpose phone dock with different features. I decided to use what I learnt in DnT back in secondary school and apply it for this particular module. First and foremost, I find a problem faced by most users around the world (and myself).


Most phone users will have the need to watch something while they’re having meals at home or outside alone. They will always have to place their phones against other objects as to hold up their phone without holding it.



Create a product which has a phone dock to hold it up, speakers to increase the volume of the videos watched (this applies to at home alone), and a charging port as watching videos will consume most of the battery life.


Previously in 2012, I had a stay-cation in Hard Rock hotel and stumbled upon this phone dock which was put in the hotel room. It was multi-functional as it could charge, play music/radio through Bluetooth connection and also an alarm clock put into a single object.

And previously in 2016, I visited Digipen at SIT and they gave freebies to us during our visiting. The pen (image below) was multi functional as a pen, stylus and a phone dock. It was a simple design but very functional as I use it occasionally when I eat at home alone.


Using these 2 ideas, I’ve decided to morph these 2 objects together to create a phone dock with the ability to hold the phone up, charge it and also blast sounds/music from it.

As seen from the side view, the phone dock has been carved to a certain angle as to suit the end-users eyes while looking at the phone. As most users will be looking at their phones from top-down, this product will be suitable for anyone who are teenagers and older.



For the charging port, the user can either connect to the USB pod found at the side of the product OR to place in the phone dock. An additional interchangeable-charging head can be inserted and kept when not in use. (As seen in the sketch below)


Some of the improvements I could make was to make sure that it is equal on both sides as when I placed it on the table, I was shaky. And I could’ve buffed the edges a little to make the curve of the sides more obvious. Initially, I didn’t want to buff it as it made my product looked too rounded and soft. Further improvements could be made to the product.

Product Review:

Zafirah Asnadi: *5 stars* I use this at home and it really helped me while I’m eating. Would purchase the real product if given a choice.