Infographic Poster | Second-hand Smoking


Information to include on poster:

  • The risks of second-hand smoking
  • Who they are affecting
  • Percentage and numbers on the severity of smoking
  • Solutions to smoking (second-hand)

I have used information collected from the survey collected and input in the poster. The colours I have chosen for my poster is orange, a colour used mostly for warning signs (road signs) which indicates the seriousness of the situation.

I have used mostly icons and minimal words to bring out the fast-reading process when looking at the poster. At the top of the poster, I have included a very well-known cigarette design, Marlboro Red. Smokers (or maybe second-hand smokers) would know this cigarette brand at first glance and they would be interested to read the poster.

Final Outcome of the poster:


  • The header looks too separated from the poster. The poster can be cut into 2 pieces and still look good on its own. The header is not infused with the infographic.
  • Try to play with the skull from the infographic and blend it into the header
  • Some words are hard to be read (red on orange)
  • Infographic may look too stagnant, try to play around with the placement

Despite the constructive feedback given, I felt pretty satisfied with the outcome of the poster. I was really thankful for the information given by family and friends through the survey. It has made it easier for me to get specific information to include in the poster. I agree with how the header looks separated from the body. I felt like I was too much in my comfort zone for this assignment. I will try to explore more with the spacing in the next project. :3

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