Project 1: My Line is Emo (PROCESS)


Week 2:

When the assignment was handed out to us, we straight away started with the mark making process. I experimented with various tools such as the paint scraper, bandage, and a keyboard brush cleaner. As for the lino cutting, it was tedious process as I could not dig deeply into the lino as it will create a hole. We have to be pretty careful too as to not cut our fingers (which I did, badly). There was blood. Hahaha. But the end product was satisfying. I went with a flowery-vine design for my lino cutting and did 2 different stamping. Both of the stamping have different amount of pressure applied on them, thus having different darkness and intensity of the black ink paint.

Most of the designs I did was of repetitions and consistency. I should explore more and not stick to one kind of mark-making.

Week 4 (Wednesday):

During this week, I continued with my mark-making process. I was focusing on creating as many piece as possible for my final consultation.

Cotton Ball dipped in black ink.

Furry tie dipped in ink and then dragged in a horizontal line on paper

Keyboard brush cleaner. Used both bristles and base of brush

Rafiah strings used. Expanded the string, dipped in paint and dragged.

Messy table and works produced

Due to week 3 being a public holiday, my progress has been pushed back as I was celebrating that particular PH. I came back to the studio on Wednesday night during the consultation week to complete my 18 (maybe even more) pieces. My ideas were not flowing smoothly and I spent most of my time sitting in my seat, stoning. And trying to think of what other tools I can use for my mark-making. I’ve decided to include in the use of my fingers too for mark-making. It was a messy but fun process.

Week 4 (Friday): Consultation week

My group was the first group to consult Mimi regarding our mark-making strips. She has given us her comments and advice. Some of them were things regarding the different use of papers (printing paper, newsprint, black paper) and also different use of paints (acrylic, Chinese ink, white paint) and maybe something semi textured such as burnt paper or torn paper collaged together. She went through my work and told me I could improve by adding 2 or more types of mark-making into a single strip so that the idea is pulled through more as most of my ideas are quite simple.

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