Project 1B: Paradox


In this exercise,  we were told to create 1 original composition based on the theme paradox. The elements included should at least be distinctively local and include an image of us.

Happy Singapore

Ideation : 

I’ve decided to focus on a subject that almost every true blue Singaporean felt/went through when growing up in Singapore, that is education. Another purpose for me to create this piece was also to raise awareness. Suicide amongst kids has been on a rise since the recent years due to the high expectations adults expect from children. Children by the age of K2 are already receiving tuition, in order to prepare them for primary school. A good education means that it will also be good for the economy and also in the eyes of people outside of Singapore. It is somewhat a way to attract foreigners to come and get their education papers in Singapore.

The playground in the picture represents the fun kids are suppose to have when they’re young and not just facing textbooks and notes 24/7. On the playground, you can see me sitting there, pondering with a half smiley face. This shows that as time goes by, the smiley face disappears. As education gets more and more stressful, it shows the true expression and feeling students/children have.

As for the Singapore skyline, it is use to signify how big and beautiful Singapore is. This is how we portray ourselves to foreigners but nobody sees how we are suffering with education every single day. Money are used as background to represent how it’s all about money when you’re in Singapore. Some people have benefits if they come from a wealthy family.

On the high-rise building, kids’ silhouettes can be seen jumping off the buildings one by one. This represents the suicides done by children in Singapore for the past few years. They are seen in  black silhouettes as it shows how empty they are.

Scaling: In this piece, I base the importance of each factor by sizes. The bigger it is, the more important it is. The Singapore Skyline and money are the largest which shows that it has the biggest importance in our society. Whereas the kids are the smallest which shows their importance in society.

What do you enjoy about this assignment?:

I enjoyed layering the images to create an original composition. It may be tedious, but I felt very satisfied when I blend the background, foreground and props of the images. I also gave it a purple hue to give it a gloomy yet happy feels.

Further improvements:

I can make my face bigger and try to make it the main attraction in the piece as it shows a more detailed look of the half-smiley and half-sad face. And I would also like to make the composition look less messy as the main focus is not so obvious. And also proportion and direction wise for the silhouettes of the kids.


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