Sketches + Final Artwork




Feedback given:

  • The colours are too “The Simpsons” due to the yellow skin.
  • Try a different colour palette
  • Good play with positioning and scaling but maybe create a larger contrast between each hands. And also between the healthcare workers
  • Include more healthcare workers
  • Try to incorporate the Varoom header with the illustration



2 thoughts on “Sketches + Final Artwork

  1. Aster Lau

    Hi Zaf! Love how relevant and timely your illustration is to the current virus situation! 😀

    For feedback: Perhaps the bubbles (or circular characteristics of it) could have been made a texture in the background to create more depth/integration between the two opposing elements since you included bubbles in the foreground but it acts as a separate element from the virus and people.

  2. Lisa Winstanley

    Hello. I’m not sure the wavy line and bubbles are working they distract from the main illustration. Looking back at the ‘simpsons’ colour pallet version. The women were far more dominant and the texture was really nice and this seems lost now. Could you revert back to that composition with the women and retain the scale of the hands as it is now? The diagonal colour also gave a really strong them and us and this has also been lost. Let me know if this is not clear!



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