Task 3: Smoker Poster (Deliverable 1)


Purpose of poster:

  • To raise awareness regarding the negative impact of smoking
  • To attract attention from far
  • To give a brief information of the severity of smoking/second-hand smoking


Draft 1:

For the first draft, I was trying to include family members (in silhouette) to show an image that the smoker is feeding his family members exactly what he is consuming. Specifically, the contents of a cigarettes. However, feedback was given that the poster was not impactful enough to the audience and the silhouettes could not be seen amidst the dark background.

Draft 2:

After the first consultation, I decided to make the poster as scary as possible. In a sense that it triggers the audience at how the severity of smoking is depicted. I’ve decided to include an image of a prayer table, with an image of a dead man covered in a skull of smoke. There are joss sticks replaced with cigarettes, to show how the man actually passed on due to smoking.

Draft 3:


During the second consultation, I also introduced a whole new poster concept. Michael indicated that the new concept was more appealing as compared to the stereotypical dark posters. I have decided to go with the latter design.

Draft 4:

For the final consultation, Michael also gave feedback regarding the placement of the words. It was too centralized and he told me to include a brief description of the poster in it. He told me to make use of all the space in the poster. It was important to play with the white space but to make sure the words are not fused into the visuals.


For the final design, I’ve played with the placement of the joss bowl and placed it in the far corner. The stream of smoke stretches across the poster on the opposite side. By doing so, it has given me sufficient white space to fill in my texts and the poster is more well-balanced and not centralized.

I’ve enjoyed the process of creating this poster. What I’ve learnt through my years in visual communication is that less sometimes can be more. It’s okay if the work has minimal elements in it, as long as it brings out the message of the poster.