3D Project: From Useless to Abstract (FINAL)



Final Product – Golf Structure

I was given a choice to pick between 2 objects. One useful, another worthless.

Useful: Honey Beeswax Lip Balm (I use it everyday without fail)

Worthless: Expired Golf Proficiency Certificate

I’ve decided to use the “worthless” object to show that I can make something useful out of something worthless. My main object is the golf proficiency certificate. So, I’ve decided to focus more on the use of Golf.

Golf is a sport that represents calmness. You need to concentrate and be calm when you play this sport. Research shows that the color green presents calmness. Hence, the greenery in my artwork represents the calmness. When you’re playing on the green, you’re surrounded by almost everything nature-related. Hence, I’ve decided to focus on the materials of nature such as wood and grass to represent my artwork.

Moving on to the balancing beam, the 2 balls hung on the balance beam represents balance. I made sure both of the balls are filled with the same amount of sand to balance it well. The balancing beam is placed on a rotating platform and spun around to show the swing effect. Both of these techniques are very essential in a game of golf. The part that supports the balancing beam to the ground, that represents the feet. It shows how important that part is as the placement of the foot is very crucial. If not placed properly, the entire artwork will collapse.

I’ve enjoyed doing this project as I had a chance to bring out my craftsmanship and apply it well to my product. Overall, I am very satisfied with my final artwork.

And spinning the balancing beam around can be quite addicting. 

3D Final Project: Useless object to Abstract Art


Square-lash to bind the poles together

Fake grass to fill in the base

Wooden ball with hole

Using a saw to saw the thicker wooden sticks

Ball bearing from fidget spinner fitted between to wooden piece

Christmas ball decoration repainted to look like wood

Christmas decoration ball filled with sand to give weight

The process is quite tedious but I’m very satisfied with outcome.

Beginning: I placed a toilet roll in the middle of the base and secured it with tape. Afterwards, I stuffed the base with fake grass to add a wee bit of greenery. I filled the Christmas decoration ball with sands to add weight to it. After that, I sealed the top with hot glue so that none of the sand comes out.

Middle: I used square lash method with cotton twines to tie all the wooden sticks together and tried to reduce the usage of hot glue. Afterwards, I hollowed out a Styrofoam ball and placed the wooden ball in the middle. I glued in the satay stick.

Ending: I dismantled the fidget spinner to retrieve the ball bearing. I glued the ball bearing in between 2 wooden piece so that it could rotate for the “spinning” part of the product. I added in the Christmas decoration I did earlier on an made a balancing beam. I assembled all the different parts together to get the end product.

Problem: After assembling all the products, the weight was too heavy on the balancing beam and it kept collapsing. Thus, I came up with a supporting stand and attached it to the balancing beam to the base of the whole product. This helps the balancing of the weight and does not collapse that much.