Creative Industry Report: Foxville Art (Anoosha Syed)


Anoosha Syed

The creator of Foxville Art is none other than one of the astounding children’s book illustrator; Anoosha Syed. Born in Pakistan 26 years ago, she migrated from country to country with her family and ended up in Toronto (Canada) as a freelance illustrator and character designer. As she travels often, she felt that she was too disconnected from her roots as someone of Pakistani blood.

POC Skin Studies, Anoosha Syed

POC Skin Studies, Anoosha Syed

Anoosha aims to illustrate for children’s book with the goal to include people of various race and cultures, and to also allow kids to feel represented as a part of society with no discrimination. I am a strong believer that learning starts from young and we are never born with the personality traits that we have. Which is why I state that racism is something that you are taught, but not something that you are born with. From Anoosha’s illustration, she has a fair share of multi-diverse characters in her books who have an amazing friendship and are always on a great adventure. Anoosha’s illustration aids the storyline of the book well with her in depth studies in painting people of colour, without the need to stick to just a single colour to represent a certain race. She has various studies of shapes, sizes, outfits (of different race), poses and facial expressions to aid her illustrations.

Daring Dreamers Club, Anoosha Syed Illustration

Other Words for Home, Anoosha Syed Illustration

The reason why Anoosha’s artwork inspires me is because the way that she portrays her art feels welcoming with the soft pastel colour palettes that she uses and adorable character design. Despite the soft look of her illustration, she still manages to convey her message (regarding representation across) to her audience. Also, to have a minority in a renowned industry is a huge steppingstone for us people of colour. As content creators, we have our respective voices and whatever we post online or at art exhibits, are of our own voices wanting to be heard.

Goldberg Kinetic Structure: Research


My chosen scene is from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone, the part when the trios (Harry, Ron and Hermione) met for the first time every on the train towards Hogwarts.

The idea I came up was to create a kinetic structure that plays with sound instead. The actions will happen in a box covered with a black cloth (maybe? Depends if I can get a black cloth) and let the audience HEAR my artwork instead of seeing.

My artist reference is Andrew Huang from YouTube. He plays around with sounds and music by using everyday objects, food and other things. It’s very interesting as to how he can make music with just an everyday object we use everyday.

My only concern now is how I need to put it all together and create different sounds at different timings.

If you want to find out more about Andrew Huang, you can access to his YouTube page at the link below!

Andrew Huang YouTube Channel