3D – Interesting Object

For our first 3D lesson, we were told to bring an interesting object. The object I chose was the following stress toy included in one of the goodie bags I received from NTU. Why I chose it was because, while it may not be the most aesthetically pleasing, I found that how it was designed contributed to its functionality (i.e rounded edges to bounce and roll when thrown, heavier bottom so it stands back up, extruded bow tie as it is a stress toy which relies more on touch rather than the other senses, etc).

Front View
Side View
Back View

So during the lesson, we were taught how to analyse our objects in terms of its design as illustrated in the sketch analysis below.

2D Sketch Analysis

As seen from above, the following can be applied to my object:

Principle axis - Longest length across an object

Rule of thirds

Cluster of similar volumes


Dominant - Green body

Subdominant - Black smiley face/White text

Subordinate(Special aspect) - Bow tie


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