Category: History of Design – G2

PD – Post Presentation Essay: Supernormal

During the Milan Furniture Show nearly a decade ago, a particular set of stools designed by product designer Naoto Fukasawa was mistaken to be just an ordinary everyday product outside of the exhibit. At the sight of weary attendees unknowingly sitting on his products, Fukasawa was pretty disheartened. While this was going on, another designer was walking through the exhibition… Read more →

IM – Hyperessay: Please Empty Your Pockets

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer is an interactive installations artist who was born in Mexico City in 1967. His specialty is in creating art works which serve as a platform for public participation such as in his exhibition “Recorders” which featured various works which recorded the viewer’s fingerprints, voice, and heartbeat amongst other things which then contributed to forming the actual art work.… Read more →

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