EI – Micro Project 3: Tele-Drift

Group members – Jia Jun, Naomi

Posted by Yuen Jia Jun on Monday, 29 January 2018

Idea – The concept for this project was essentially for the both of us to appear as if we’re in the same location through the use of third space while filming in different locations.

Our lesson for this week taught us about third space which is basically a combination of the physical and virtual realm.

“It is a space of invention and possibility.” (Randall Packer, 2014)

Boundaries are collapsed in the third space by allowing two people to communicate, mostly through sight and sound, in a situation that communication would be impossible in just the first or second space. The third space sparks enough senses to make one feel a genuine connection with another without being physically there.

In our micro-project, we aimed to create intimacy through acting the same way and continuing to perform actions together as we would in first space, such as helping each other refill the bottle and drinking from the same bottle. The closeness was created, mostly through laughter, amongst the efforts to work together to close the physical gap between us by trying to make the split screens whole.

The sharing of objects created a sort of “third body” as we were virtually filling and sharing the bottle from one video to another. We had connected through the emotions seen and/or heard and collaborated by creating a wholesome video of being together without actually being together.

“… suited to projects that seek to connect countries and communities with limited access to infrastructure and resources, and restricted connectivity.” (Maria Chatzichristodoulou)

This brings out one of the importance of third space which is to increase accessibility even in places where collaboration may not be so simple, while still keeping the sense of sight and sound, the most important senses regarding the productivity of collaboration.


The Third Space. Randall Packer. January 2014.

Cyberformance? Digital or Networked Performance? Cybertheaters? Or Virtual Theatres? …or all of the above? Maria Chatzichristodoulou.



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